Social inclusion and empowerment of Roma in Satu Mare county

The program “Local development, poverty reduction and increasing the inclusion of Roma” financed by the EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021

First aid points

This activity involves equipping each community with first aid equipment according to Red Cross regulations (backpack, first aid kit, gloves, gauze, blood pressure monitor, glucometer, etc.). The initiative facilitates the practical use of the skills acquired during the first aid courses, develops self-esteem, confidence in one’s own strength, as well as appreciation from the community, through the development of skills and the transfer of specific information on providing first aid in case of emergency.
First aid point:
1. Address: Tasnad, Petru Maior Street, Number 136/A
Contact person: Kerezsi Károly
2. Adress: Tasnad, Sarauad, Nr. 208/A
Contact person: Budai Felician