Social inclusion and empowerment of Roma in Satu Mare county

The program “Local development, poverty reduction and increasing the inclusion of Roma” financed by the EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021


Activity: Organizing a public project launch event

The city of Tășnad, as project promoter, on January 31, 2022 organized the launch event of the project “Social inclusion and empowerment of Roma from Satu Mare county” at the Tășnad House of Culture. 35 guests were present at the conference: partners, collaborators, representatives of the Roma communities in Satu Mare county. Following the conference, press releases were launched both in Romanian and in Hungarian with the aim of informing the beneficiaries and the general public about obtaining funding, the project’s objectives and activities. Leaflets, posters and banners were designed for information and promotion, which were distributed in Satu Mare county through the collaborating territorial administrative units

Activity: Selection and maintenance of the target group

In February 2022, the target group selection methodology was developed and agreed. Until now, 776 people – adults and children – have been enrolled in the target group.

Activity: Campaign to raise awareness of the Roma population on equal opportunities

The awareness-raising activity of the Roma population on equal opportunities is completed. Sessions were organized in all the communities targeted by the project, with a total of 609 Roma people participating. 500 leaflets were made to promote equal opportunities on the labor market.

Activity: Skills camp for a healthy life (youth 6–16 years)

Up to now, a number of 8 camp sessions have been organized. The camp represented an event to promote interaction between 283 children and young Roma from the place. Sarauad (Tășnad), Irina (Andrid), Dorolț, Hrip (Păulești), Tășnad, Turulung, Santău, Socond. The camp takes place over 4 days and addresses various non-formal education activities: preventing school dropouts through sports, survival exercises, games, contests, the activities were adapted according to the age of the participants. The camp is organized at Lacul lui Pintea in Livada locality, Satu Mare county.

Activity: Non-formal education activities for children

The non-formal education activities for children were carried out for a total number of 353 children from the following localities: Dorolț, Hrip, Irina, Sărăuad, Tășnad and Turulung. On the occasion of this activity coordinated by the health education expert, each child received a snack. The activities were organized according to age groups.

Through play, the children learned rules for a healthy life, rules that will help them integrate into society, followed mini-sessions on providing first aid, education workshops for correct oral hygiene for 6-10 year olds and workshops educational programs to prevent abuse (tobacco abuse, alcohol abuse, drug abuse) and sex education workshops for 11-16 year olds. A course of traditional dances specific to the Roma culture was organized for 60 Roma children and youth from Tășnad and the Sărăuad community.

The activity aims to increase self-esteem and appreciation of traditional Roma culture.

Activity: Non-formal education activities for children

The IT equipment and the furniture necessary to carry out non-formal education activities for children from the Hrip community, Păulești commune, were purchased. The remedial education activities started in May 2022, with a number of 80 beneficiaries.

Activity: Information and counseling for employment

The people in the target group were informed about rights and obligations on the labor market, frequent situations of discrimination on the labor market and ways to manage them. A total of 219 people from the target group from the following localities participated in these activities: Hrip, Irina, Tasnad and Sarauad.

Thus, the 219 people were advised in the personal development workshops moderated by the employment counselor. Counseling for employment in personal development workshops focused on self-knowledge, the perspective of a positive attitude on self-confidence and managing important decisions related to employment. Exploration of personal qualities, aspirations and professional interests, Identification in close connection with personal and professional experience. Stress management for participating in the job interview. Practical aspects related to the difficulties faced by vulnerable people on the labor market were discussed, the target group was advised in order to draw up a CV, participate in an interview, etc. During each activity, each child received a snack.

Activity: Staff and volunteer training activities

This activity includes two sub-activities: “Health Mediator” Course and “Health Facilitator” Course.

The health mediator course started in April with 15 participants. The theoretical part is conducted online and the practical part physically.

The community facilitator course is being organized. The target group was selected, consisting of 15 people of Roma ethnicity.

Activity: Health services

Work contracts for the lecturers were concluded and the purchase necessary for the activity started. The drawing up of the specifications/technical specifications has started. Market research was carried out considering the recent price increase.

Activity: Online information and promotion

Beneficiaries and the general public are informed about the implementation of the project through the project website, with the help of the media and through social networks at the following addresses:

Activity: Management

Project management is carried out by the City of Tășnad. The partners Satu Mare Intercommunity Development Association and the Romanian Red Cross Society, Satu Mare Branch, are involved in decision-making through their participation in the meetings of the implementation team, which contributes to making/transmitting/assimilating management decisions.


“The non-formal education activities designed within the Social Inclusion and Empowerment of Roma project in Satu Mare County are well designed, they fully serve the physical and intellectual development needs of the target group. Education for a healthy life is the basis of all forms of learning and social integration.”
Dir. Prof. Duțescu Diana – Andrid Secondary School, Andrid

“Members of the Roma community need a lot of moral and educational support to be able to integrate into society, starting from employment to building a long-term quality of life. I appreciate the fact that two training courses for Roma are organized within the project.”
Görcsi Attila – Roma mediator, Ardud City

“In our city, there have never been such meetings, courses, discussions, through which both parents and children were advised and helped. We enjoy all the advice offered by the project’s experts: regarding family hygiene, equal opportunities on the labor market, information for employment, the presentation of Roma cultural values. I participated as volunteers in the Skills Camp for a healthy life and saw the care that the project takes for the development of our children, the conditions of accommodation, meals and activities were beyond expectations. The children from our community, who participated in the camp, so far have not had the opportunity to leave the city limits, so the experience they had on this occasion will not be forgotten for a lifetime. Our children are delighted with the traditional dance classes, where they have the opportunity to get to know some of the Roma cultural values ​​and to socialize with each other in a relaxed but organized setting. Thank you! God help everyone!”
Kerezsi Karoly and
Kerezsi Monika Csilla- Parents, Tașnad City